Engine Prime questions

Hello all, new forum user here and wanted to say hello. Got some SC5000’s due to the aggressive price cut and I think they are marvelous. I am a long time Denon fan, owning a MC3000 and a MC7000.

Now, on to the questions… I think I may have some hangups about how I think the Engine Prime software should function, and I was wondering if anyone could help enlighten me as to the procedures I should be getting used to.

(Preface, I have a fully paid for and licensed version of Serato DJ Pro, and VDJ Pro Unlimited - I prefer Virtual DJ due to the way I can play songs out of my folders, as well as create virtual folders of songs on my HDD without moving the physical location of them - I have used Serato but I was not fond of the crate structure.)

Firstly, importing my library into Engine Prime was not intuitive. I first thought that I could just drag my “Music” folder from my HDD into Engine Prime software and it would preserve all of my folders and subfolders - this was not the case.

What I had to do was create an identical crate structure into Engine Prime and then drag my tracks over to it.

Secondly, after I structured my main Engine Prime library, I thought I could drag this crate structure to my USB (which has tracks loaded on to it in an identical manner to my computers HDD.) - This also was not true, doing this resulted in the tracks being copied a second time onto my USB drive.

So then I thought I got clever and copied over my “Engine Library” folder from my HDD onto my USB thinking that it would consider the tracks “packed”. That is also not true, none of my tracks show the “packed” dot.

Another side note… this sort of works, when I load a track into the SC5000 from the USB, the BPM data and waveform data is seemingly there - however, the player still acts oddly when loading one of these tracks for the first time. For example, sometimes it will pause for long periods of time and not play audio - sometimes it will show playing but there will be no audio, and sometimes it will show playing and also play audio, but if I try skipping to a point in the waveform via the touchscreen - the player will freeze.

The freeze happens for about 15-20 seconds, almost as if it’s analyzing the file - but it doesn’t really look like it because the waveform data is already loaded.

So TLDR; Is there a way to get my crate structure from my HDD onto the USB drive without duplicating the track on the USB?

Do I need to reformat the drive, and copy everything over again (an hours long process)?

I don’t understand!

Thanks for reading.

Stick with one source for your library management. This can either be your internal or external drive.

If using Internal then you have no choice but to reformat the external and export to it.

If you use the external as the source, then you don’t need to export. You can use that with the players.

All the crates data are linked to the original location of the media files.

So by copying just your internals Engine DB to external manually, there is no association with the tracks already on the external.

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