Engine Prime not launching, 123 error code

Hello there,

I hope someone can help please. I loaded the latest software last night and it was working fine. My laptop battery went flat and now it’s not working. I have tried everything I can think of I.e reloading software, installing older versions, updating windows and loading with different graphics cards. Does anyone know what the to error code means? All other programs are ok on my laptop.

Many Thanks


Hello, Can you be more specific? What is not working exactly? Where do you receive this error?

Apologies. The initial load screen comes up after selecting engine on the desktop and before it’s fully loaded it stops. A window then pops up saying something along of unable to load error code: 123. I can try and get a screen shot if you like?

Yes please, or try to uninstall engine then restart and install it again. Let us know… What OS you run?

It sounds like you ran your laptop on battery while using engine prime and then the battery ran out? Since you didn’t shut down engine prime properly, I’m betting it corrupted your database.

I have just tried uninstalling, restarting and reinstalling and it’s still the same. I’m running windows 10.

Ok, this error is from engine prime directly and not a windows error. What you could do, uninstall prime engine, the delete engine folder in program files and if you are familiar to delete engine prime entries in windows registry… BUT Denon Team maybe help you with an easier way.

Before uninstalling try to remove all engine library folders from Your pc. It could be a corrupted data base that is causing it. When the Engine Library folders are deleted, Engine Prime will create a new one on startup, so You will start fresh. Reinstalling the program without deleting the data base will not solve it.


Hello, Did you fix that?

Hello Chris,

Haven’t had chance to have another look, I will try again tonight.

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