Engine Prime Doesn't Copy Files to Decks (6000M)

First and foremost I apologize if this has been discussed previously. I could not find a topic related to this, thus…

I open up Engine Prime (v3.3.0 I think there is a newer version, but I’ve held off on updating software. Tired of getting stuff added that I am not interested in or much less use or need!) I go through playlists and remove a song from a playlist. I run backup. Then I connect Deck (6000M) export the updated playlist. In Engine Prime, I eject the the 6000. Yet when I go into the 6000, the song I thought I had removed from the playlist, is still there. This has been going on far too long, which is why I am turning to you folks for advice.

Thank You.

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The only way I’ve found to permanently remove it is to go into the drives section of engine desktop (with your drive connected) and remove it from there too.

Or do a full format of the disk and clean install which is overkill.


It’s seriously annoying that they still haven’t fixed it yet. But like STU-C said. Either delete it while the external drive is connected or format the drive and copy over everything from scratch


Hello JAMMINJohnny,

It sounds like Engine Prime isn’t syncing the changes you make to playlists with your Denon DJ 6000M decks.

To fix this, try updating Engine Prime to the latest version, as newer versions often include bug fixes and improvements.

After updating, remove the song from the playlist, run a backup, and then export the updated playlist to your 6000M deck again.

Eject the deck properly from Engine Prime, and the changes should sync correctly this time.

If you need more assistant then you can visit to the official support Support | Engine DJ

Thanks, Steve

Thank You folks for your the time and effort in your responses to this issue. I now see that it is not an issue isolated to just me. I thought I was omitting a step or something which was causing this. As far as updates go, If I knew that updates would fix this, I would gladly do it. However as I posted originally, I loathe (so as not to write I F$%^ng Hat3) when I perform an ‘update’ and in said update, new $h!t that I not only didn’t want/need or both, gets shoved down my ‘system’s throat’ . Like a few updates ago when “Similar” started showing up on my decks. Is it a useful feature? Perhaps for someone it may very well be. But not for me, so I end up with crap on my system I did not ask for. There ought to be the option for adding features, should one desire them. Security and improvements to existing stuff should be what these updates consist of. Such is not the case.

But Thanks again, I shall visit your recommendations and see what happens.


What i get most frustrated is that these types of exceptions are “swallowed” – they don’t get “bubbled up” to the user. This could likely all be fixed by some type of global exception handler.

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Sadly, i’ve run into this exact issue and did exactly what you mentioned. Delete the files. Sometimes a quick format is faster though, depending get the media type & how many thousands of files (think allocation record entries) need to be cleared.

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Absolutely, updates can be a mixed bag, often bringing unwanted changes alongside necessary improvements. It’s frustrating when features like “Similar” pop up without choice, highlighting the need for customizable updates focused on security and essential enhancements.