Engine prime deleting tracks when exporting to mcx 8000

Hello ! I tried searching on the forum but I didn’t find any thread with my problem so here it is. I’m trying to prepare an mcx8000 usb stick so I put my folders on the engine prime, transfer them to the usb stick (until here everything goes normally) but when I click on export to mcx8000 some of my music become red even if before hitting the button I could read the tracks and they are mcx8000 compatible. Someone knows how to fix this please ? thank you

Maybe you could give us a copy and paste of the file names and tags and audio properties of the files that go red - there must be sssssomething wrong with them not to go to the mcx8k - maybe bitrate or sample rate or joint stereo or accented characters or special characters

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Hey ! it’s not a problem with the music… i’ve had this issue and the only way to solve it is changing the flash drive… don’t know why but it’s the only workaround i have … other than formatting the flash drive lol… its funny cuz the same playlist exports well on other flash drives so it’s not related to the songs, special characters or so…

You and the op may have different problems from each other, just with one or two similar symptoms

On Engine Prime add the “Directory” column. Now before you hit that “Export to MCX8000” button, check on the Directory column where is the music. Then after you hit the “Export to MCX8000” button check to see if it changed directory. If it did then use the Open in Explorer to confirm the files are there.

If you let Engine Prime see the music folders then you physically change the folders to another directory, Engine Prime will not find those files because they where move, now they are in another directory. To fix that you have to delete them from the Engine Prime Collection and add them again, so it register the new location.

If you delete them from the collection and add them again you will loose all you Hot Cues and Loops. You will be better of putting back the folders/Music on the original location that Engine Prime saw it for first time and where you work you cues and loops.

Hope it helps