Engine Prime can't update from 1.6.1 to 2.2.2


I didn’t realise i was still running EP 1.6.1 and have tried to update to 2.2.2 but after i have downloaded and installed 2.2.2 upon opening EP and checking “about EP” it still says on version 1.6.1

Tried a couple of times to re-download/install but no luck with 2.2.2?

Any help would be appreciated thanks

The name of the program has changed to Engine DJ

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Engine dj is installing in a different place than engine prime. It is not installed on top of engine prime, both programs can still work on same computer. You need to start the new version from different startup file, that got installed on Your computer.

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It is best to totally uninstall Engine Prime, especially on a PC. Engine DJ, really is a totally different software. You will probably have to re-create most things. However, to repeat, these machines do not need the software and are often considerably more reliable without it. The computer software is truly the worst thing about them, trust the player - it will serve you well.

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Thanks for your respone yeah I thought it may have something to do with having Engine Prime app 1.6.1 and Engine DJ app 2.2.2 and I guess that explains my missing playlists on my external drive connected to my SC5000M’s. When I have external drive connected to my Mac with Engine Prime app 1.6.1 running my playlists show up in devices tab but when I have Engine DJ app 2.2.2 open with ext drive connected my playlists don’t show. I have been using a vendors conversion tools to get iTunes/Apple Music Playlists merged with traktor pro 3 then Keys and Cues from MIK on into traktor then across over on to an external drive bypassing Engine Prime app 1.6.1 I bought a new 1TB ext OWC SSD and looking at starting with a clean empty Engine DJ app 2.2.2 database and subscribing to Lexicon so I can get my traktor playlists into lexicon and then directly over across onto my ext SSD hopefully able to bypass Engine DJ app 2.2.2 similar to how I was able to with Engine Prime app 1.6.1 The Engine DJ app 2.2.2 does look pretty neat I have to admit with better interface but I still want to be easily able to recreate nested folder playlist structure hopefully Lexicon allows simplicity with this?

Cheers :+1:

I am fine with import from traktor directly to engine dj. I use engine since 2017, and never had a smallest issue with it. Now at the latest version - still works great.

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