Engine Prime BPM/Grid Analysis Disable?

Is there a way to set engine prime not to analyze bpm and instead just use the BPM that is already in the tag information? My library has already been painstakenly organized and labeled properly. However, I still find myself having to go back and correct the BPM values once Engine mis-analyzes the BPM of DNB/Jungle and Breakbeat music.

There are two completely different analysis options when you add new tracks to Engine Prime

Option A - Analyse Option B - Reanalyse

I think many are not aware that they can use Reanalyse without Analyse (if auto-analyse is not activated in the Menu)

  1. Add songs,
  2. select all new songs
  3. Reanalyse

“Analyse” - The beatgrid is usually based on the tag BPM info but it can be wrongly placed. Use this option if you trust the BPM in the tag and if it’s a whole number bpm eg 120bpm flat.

“Reanalyse - Engine Ignores the Bpm info in the tracks tag and re-calculates the BPM and makes beatgrids based on the calculated BPM. Use this option if the BPM in the tag is likely not a whole integer eg 176.5bpm, 82.7bpm

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My hero. Thank you.

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If you want a bit of control, turn OFF autoAnalyse in the settings.

Eg if you import a bunch of DNB that you prefer the BpM to be 160/170 instead of 80-85, change the analysis range, grab the tracks then do your analysis.

I have it turn off.

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