Engine Prime - Beta Questions

Hi all, first post…

Just trying to move over from Pioneer to a Prime 2 unit and was a bit shocked this week at the level of issues around Engine Prime Beta.

Can anyone let me know how you send feedback to the beta, where known issues are located and also if the following are indeed known issues.

1.) You sometimes end up with duplicate tracks in a collection but there is no way to remove the track from collection (grey out) so you have to go into the old version of engine and remove the track from that version.

2.) When trying to sync an entire crate/playllist to the internal SSD, not all tracks in all playlists/crates are copied. It does work if you manually drag them over rather than sync.

3.) If you sync a track with album art to the SSD and then add album art later and re-import track information iyou can’t get that album art over onto the external drive very easily e.g. you can’t just drop the playlist from the sync, let it delete and then re-sync. It seems to ‘cache’ the track information. The only way to resolve this one was to wipe the SSD and re-import all playlists/crates.

4.) Sync seems to sync everything from scratch even if you just change one item, it does not have any way of just syncing the tracks altered.

I’d really like to contribute and feedback as the hardware is great :+1:

All duplicate / already reported issues in the reported issues bugs / suggestions part of the forum

Hi @Austin_Yeahbaby, welcome to the forum.

Public betas are sometimes released to try out, but be sure to know there is a lot of work done to improve Engine Prime behind the scenes.

If you experience bugs (either in released versions or public betas), please do a search first for similar reports. If not reported, create a new bug report. Know that most is already known to the devs.

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Thanks for the replies, what is the latest beta version?

I managed to get 1.4.0da1850732 but I’ve seen comments on 1.41

The beta thread got locked yesterday so can’t see any additional versions for download