Good afternoon! Any information on the release date of the official ENGINE PRIME 1.6 and ENGINE OS 1.6?

There’s no hints given to future releases dates.

Denon never say “it’s only 17 days until”.

Denon just wait until it’s completely read, then they post up a link to the ready firmware and or the ready software

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Well, they sure are taking their time with 1.6…must be encountering lots of issues.

All bugs must die! :wink:


Certainly not rushing it are they? I know they probably have other interests and were in a pandemic but 4 months… Patience dear Dysfunk.

Pandemic has no effect on dev. But we are waiting the final release :blush:

Buuut come on now… This takes too long… I understand that I can take some time because there was soooo much to fix in the beta, buuuut come ON! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: <3

What is in release 1.6 ?

There should be everything in the 1.6 BETA (hopefully without the BUGS :crazy_face:) plus other mysterious and top secret things… :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

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I am absolutely loving life with my Prime 4 that I have had for coming up on 12 months. I’ve tried it with Serato and Virtual DJ and just prefer it as a stand alone, with 2 electronic decks and my 2 analogue 1210’s on channels 3/4… but there are bugs that are annoying.

The pace of updates to fix a few of the bugs in the software is glacial to say the least… I have confidence that Denon are close as they have released software for some of their other products recently but the wall of silence is not the best method of appeasing customers expectations. perhaps the 1.6 beta was so bug ridden they’ve decided to skip it and move straight to 1.7, would certainly explain the long gap between releases.

Come on Denon, play nicely with your customers and give just a small insight to what going on with the 1.6 beta the silence is worrying.

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generally this can be true b/c devs can work from everywhere, but this pandemic is affecting productivity everywhere, and especially anyone working with hardware. If you can’t gather it’s a lot harder to work together on this stuff imo. On top of the stress of … everything.

Also imo there’s a good chance they’re going to peg the release of 1.6 to hardware releases. So firmware dev may ´even be done or close to it, but they’re holding back while their hardware is sorted out. Hardware for sure is affected by covid.

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COVID cannot be an excuse to remain silent without letting us know updates on what we may have in the new firmware. Those of us who have tested the 1.6 beta and written about the problems found, would also like to get involved to know if these problems have been seen and fixed in subsequent versions.


That’s true. Native instruments posts always a brief roadmap info on their forum, so the users know, what to expect in the upcoming update. Of course extra new banger features are not included to maintain secret. We need to keep in mind, that all the features that already are on some of the gear or software, should not be considered as Banger features…

I see that some of the many requests have had been edited titles to include can’t be implemented or won’t be implemented.

That’s good feedback. Nor good of course if that feature request was yours but it is good that some requests have been ruled out of implementation.

By default , then we can think that any request that hasn’t been title edited to say that it won’t be implemented , then will definitely be implemented. Yes?

If that isn’t the situation , then we need the appropriate requests edited to say won’t be implemented.

I see that there was very quick response about the prime go mic eq request not being possible. That’s not good news for some people but at least it’s great that people know not to ask for mic eq any more on go

Mark a lot more suggestions as won’t be implemented please. Just leave us hope for the other requests that will happen sometime

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It will probably be released with the upcoming LC6000 layer controller. Looking at Djpierre live set, controller and FW look pretty much “ready”…but manufacturing is delayed for sure, with all the covid bs.

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I think there’s at the most 2 people who is dedicated to work on the software (maybe with a few more for token support working asymmetrically). This is reasonable considering you gotta pay each programmer in the ballpark of $40k a year (unless setting up shop in Asia) + on manufacturing costs and on covid quality assurance costs.

If the bare minimum work force is being used then something like this could be expected. If Denon was making millions upon millions then things might be moving quicker.

It ■■■■■ to wait. Hope it’s a little more than we are expecting when it comes.

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Just providing some technical and product context. Their communication is frustrating.

They could gradually release what is working! The new pre-listening function in prime 4, for example, must already be stable since this function is already in s6000. I don’t understand why it takes so long !!!

On which device do you miss preview at the moment?

Hi Reese! On Prime 4, it was made available in beta 1.6!