Engine prime and Engine dj Issues

Hi there. It would be nice if denon explained how to change the music library from engine prime to engine dj. I think we are all having a lot of problems. My library is on an external disk in macos plus and Engine dj does not detect it. I have transferred the entire music library and the engine library folder to another external disk in fat32, but it still cannot find the library from that disk. What I can do? Thank you

Hey @michelk6969 Happy to help. There are a lot of resources to consider when updating to Engine DJ 2.0 and we’re happy to share them.

In regards to your file migration from Engine Prime to Engine DJ, the process should automatically start once you plugged in the source drive and began the migration process. This may take some time depending on the database size.

After the migration has completed all of your crates will be renamed as playlists and will not be reanalyzed. At any rate, if you have further issues feel free to contact me via DM and I’ll be happy to help.

Here is a great resource to understand the migration process:

Hi Anthony,

Yesterday I decided to make the upgrate, both on desktop and on my Prime 4. I upgrated from Engine PRime 1.6.2 to 2.0.2 and as you wrte above here all was converted automatically.

At first all worked, eventhough I find it a great dragg that all playlists and crates were put in one list. But that said, I overcome the first frustration and started on reorganising all my playlistst into a tree structure. It took me all night. But all was working well. I synced my SD card and was playing music on the Prime 4.

Today when opening the Engine DJ software I got the message that the database on my device (external harddisk) was corrupted and ALL my playlists are GONE!

I then tried the old version of Engine Prime and there the device was fine and I could acces all my old playlists and crates. I have deleted the Engine DJ software from my Macbook in the hope it would do the conversion again, but no succes.

I have tried to find an article about this on the internet, but could not find out if I could manually convert the Engine Prime data base to Engine DJ.

I synced the SD card in the Engine Prime, to at least be able to play my music again, but now that also does show up empty when putting it in the Prime 4. This really ■■■■■, since I need to use my appliance this weekend!

I have written to the support of Denon, but no response yet.

Hope you are able to assist.

I really love the Prime 4 machine, and beeing able to addres my lights through SoundSwitch via the Prime 4 would be amazing, but the Engine DJ software is not assuring me right now.

As a last resort I tried now to manually rebuild some of the playlists by exporting my old Recordbox playlists again and impost them as playlist in Engine DJ. But that turned out a huge frustration. When clicking the recordbox playlist (In Engine DJ) and choosing ‘import as playlist’ it will analyse the tracks, but in ‘playlists’ it will not show the new playlist, or it will appear as a playlist with another name ??? Very weird. I also tried dragging the playlist from Recordbox (already imported by updating ‘recordbox’ in Engine DJ) to the ‘playlist’. Also there it will either not appear, or will appear empty + making another playlist with another name that contains the tracks of the playlist that I dragged into the ‘playlist’ section.

Hope you can help! And hope the software gets debugged very soon!!

In any case thank you! Rowin

Have you downgraded P4 to 1.6.2?

EngineOS 2.0.2 is only compatible with Engine DJ 2.0.2. Database schema it’s different. Needs to be the same version on both devices (P4 and Computer)

Sorry to hear about your playlists :pensive:

If you want to attempt the conversion again, there is a folder called “database2”

Delete that on both your computer music folder and the drive you use with the players

Good luck

HI Mufasa,

Thank you! I had found the section on the deletion of the “database2” folder.

I also read a tip from somebody on one of the forums on this topic, that you can make a copy of the database2 files. I am now making a ZIP of the files:

hm.db hm.db-journal m.db m.db-journal sm.db stm.db stm.db-journal

And keep that aside.

I have rebuild my entire playlist structure after re-opening Engine DJ. Now that I want to import previous playslists from the time I was using Recordbox, I am finding that after importing a few playlists and letting Engine DJ analyse the tracks, whenever I want to distribute tracks to different playlists, Engine DJ gives me the message that it has found an error in the database. It seems that Engine DJ cannot manage importing playlists from Recordbox & distributing tracks between playlists at the same time?

I might be of the impatience type, but I like to work on distrubuting the tracks, while other tracks are still being analysed. I don’t remember having this problem with Recordbox or with Engine Prime.

In anycase, now that the database was corrupted I can still go back to the last backup.

Grts, Rowin

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you should not be seeing -journal files

Well i’d advise you let one process finish before doing something else. If you are in a rush to export, you can cancel analysis (or disable autoanalysis in engine dj desktop settings). So when next you import rekordbox, it will only import and not do analysis.

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