ENGINE DJ - Making Playlists - Shortcuts, Tips, Requests

Why is it such a difficulty to make playlists? I know I am able to drag from the main collection into the playlist however when I am playing a track and then I am search for the next one and I havent put in the track thats playing in the playlist yet theres no way to drag whats playing into the playlist I have to search for the track thats playing again then drag it. I wish their was a tab to “ADD TO PLAYLIST” or a plus symbol or something. There’s gotta be some shortcuts and a more efficient way to make playlists. It’s super clunky and slow. I am really loving Engine Dj it is the awesome however such excellent technology there’s gotta be faster ways to get playlists going…


I like the idea of an extra icon to add to a playlist. You can also do it in another way. Every track that was played is saved in an own history list. That has date and time. You can save it after your gig with engine prime as playlist. That´s the way it works at the moment.