Engine DJ 3.01: Recordbox (Re-)Import does not work

  • Engine DJ 3.01 on w11
  • Recordbox Collection of 260 tracks and one playlist (had 900 tracks from earlier import sessions)
  • Issue: When updating the RB collection with a newly created XML File, Engine DJ is not taking any updates, neither playlists or tracks. It simply shows tracks from an earlier import-session (900 trakcs), which are definitely NOT included in the current RB-collection anymore.
  • Checked the RB-XML File. It is syntactically and logically correct and contains the current tracks and playlists as being displayed in Recordbox
  • It all worked OK with Engine DJ 3.0 !!

How to move on? Is there any way to clear the “cached” RB Collection from Engine DJ?

There is a database cleanup option in the Engine DJ settings. I’m not sure if it will work in your situation but you can give it a go.

It is still not working!! Now on Engine DJ 3.1.1 on a W11 PC.
To all Recordbox users: Can you reimport your databases?? The issue uccurs only after the first import. All subsequent imports of the RB XML File fail with engine dj.