Engine Connect - To be or not to be?

I understand the reason for having it on-- to sync bpm info for effects, etc… Assuming we are using Denon players why would someone want to have it off? Why is there even an option to have it off?

For use with Turntables, Other brands media players, Playing from ipod, playing from Phone,

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For use by Luddites :smiley:

Some people are just completely against the idea of technology helping them out. They refuse to use sync, throw shade at those who do…

You know, the “You’re not a real DJ” brigade. :roll_eyes:


@mufasa Got it. Would it cause trouble if Connect was on while using other media players or would it detect that it’s not Denon and not engage when clicked?

Haha I know what you mean. The other day someone tried to justify the BPM detection issue by saying real DJ’s mix by ear. So I asked him does he still memorize every phone number, dial it, then hit call or does he use cell technology, assistants to make calls. No response as of yet from him.

I doubt it will cause any issue if left on. I leave it on even when I’m serato mode, not sure if it affects grid dependent effects in serato though.

I know the Rane Seventy Two and other mixers have an option to use serato grids or allow manual tapping

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hahaha - outstanding! I’m not far from using that then.

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