Engine 3.1.1 Stopped Opening - Windows 10

I had Engine OS connected to my Prime 4 during an event last weekend as I’ll use that as a backup for downloading and loading tracks I need last minute {it’s Windows 10} via ethernet connection - in this current situation I was still running off my SD card on the Prime 4 and noticed Engine OS on the desktop froze --It won’t load anymore and will only show on the taskbar at the bottom of the laptop screen (minimzed). I uninstalled Engine OS and reinstalled an earlier version (3.1.0) and that won’t open anymore either. Presumably this is a bug with my laptop that hopefully a subsequent Windows update will fix. I read past posts on this issue from older versions but I can’t do something like click “maximize” on the icon at the bottom – I was pretty surprised installing another version didn’t solve the issue. This is the first time I’ve seen Engine freeze as it’s normally prety stable for me.

Hey @DJFo4

Sorry to here this.

I have experienced this in the past as have some other users, unfortunately it appears to be really random.

My personal opinion is that this is Windows related and possibly linked to an update, the only reason i suggest this is that Engine for me ‘never’ actually crashed thus would not provide any crash data as logged by Windows, it literally would just sit in limbo as a task.

I don’t know if you use system restore points to revert to a previous Windows update prior to when you had Engine running but it might be worth trying, it can always be reverted to your latest restore point, although there is no harm in creating a restore point prior to doing this.

Let us know how you get on if you try this 8)

Perhaps Engine is running on a different screen? You could try to move the window back to the main monitor. Here is a guide, perhaps it will help you:

Update on this – it definitely was Windows related. I tried the Revert option – apparently there was an error that cause the revert to fail – so after a few days when I opened Engine it magically stated to work again. So … weird, but for now I have the Engine version 3.1.0 on until a new update comes along. Seems to be ok now.

Really happy it’s working for you.

It was possibly the most frustrating part of my experience when using the software more specifically in the earlier releases, but in my opinion, ‘i knew’ it was not Engine that was at fault due to no crash data being generated.

Run a restore point, just in case :slightly_smiling_face:

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