Effects in the cue

Is there a way to play a track live, apply an effect (say the phaser) and listen to the effect in the cue, but NOT have the effect go out live.

I’d like to hear the effect on what I’m play before it goes live just in case it’s not tweaked correctly.

Make sense? Thanks

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With the X1800 you can CUE FX, but don’t know if it’s available on the Prime4.

So how do we make this awesome request to Denon for a future update? Would be a really great feature

Don’t know. It’s a button on the device, so that won’t be directly possible. :wink:

Perhaps a combination of existing buttons?

Maybe possible by pressing shift and the FX ‘on’ button so it flashes to show its not fully engaged. Then tweak the parameters to get your desired effect then press ‘on’ again and light becomes solid and effect is engaged. And if you change your mind and don’t want the effect just press shift and on again and light goes off?

Why not make it Shift + Cue to have the cue flash. This would put you in Cue FX mode. Press cue again to turn the Cue FX off. That might be easier. Hey @DenonDJ_Support_DE can you make this thread a reality with a future update?

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Yeah could work. Only danger there is if you accidentally miss hit the shift button and end up pressing cue by itself - track will go back to start/cue point. Not good in a live environmental. I’d be paranoid every time I went to press it!

No. The headphone cue. Not the track cue.

Ah right. Makes sense. That could work

Any news about this feature? :sweat_smile: