Effects denon prime 4

Will we be seeing any new effects on the prime 4 in the future. I really hope so.


They should fix the current ones before even thinking about adding new ones. The echo & reverb are lowering the volume and sound bad in general.


If you have your gain and fader set correctly, on the channel you’re applying effects to, you won’t get this happening.

Gain is set to the middle and the fader is set fully open. I am not clipping in any way.

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That’s why I’m not using it in live situations I prefer my trusty ddj 400 it’s a big disappointment for everyone that a really cheap and level entry controller like ddj 400 plugged to a cheap audio interface get best results in every field

Really frustrated and they’re doing nothing to fix this enormous problem

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Sound quality is not very good with ddj400/800

I’m in studio comparing it to prime 4. what a difference, denon P4 is way better.

And no level loss with the reverb effect on Prime 4 when gain is well set (just under blue peaking)


@jembass So you’re not using your Prime 4 in live situations because the echo & reverb sound bad? Your ddj 400 is connected to your computer, the computer is doing all the processing. How on earth can you say it’s better when it is absolutely useless without a computer? And then even with a computer the sound quality is way worse.

I use an external audio interface (komplete audio 6) the internal audio interface from the ddj 400 it’s absolutely poor because it’s a wasapi sound card the reverb it’s the most used effects in my sets I also use a focusrite 6i6 2nd Gen and works very good for me, when denon decides to fix the reverb at least, I would take my prime 4 everywhere, that problem with fx has cause very bad moments when I take the risk to use it (reverb, echo, hall echo) and the others fx are totally useless just saying. Rmx 1000 it’s the way to go I can’t live without reverb, delay and spiral

The reverb don’t sounds bad simply they cut the sound or increase it

Man I hate saturated sound in any kind I always keep it green and the problem persist, I tested in other prime 4 and surprisingly they got the same issue, and the version 1.4 didn’t fix it at all


if you want to see it for yourself here´s the link

Oh I believe that anyone can make mistakes on gain structure and fx etc etc

I just don’t believe the “ I can’t use it live because I don’t like the sound of the reverb “

You need one of those “I can DJ” T-Shirts with all the caveats on the back

I never said that i used the internal sound card of the pc, the ddj 400 i used only as midi controller and the sound comes out from audio interface

For 3rd time i never say that sound bad the simply kill the sound you dont have to be ironic man see the video first

The software on the pc still does all the processing when it comes to the effects. Anyway theres still no comparison. You are using a cheap controller with a computer & an expensive sound card. Yet you say the ddj-400 sounds better, but it doesn’t do anything sound related.

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Wasn’t that Tony Stark after all?

I just wouldn’t keep play out gear at home for “poor reverb”

I’d just keep practicing with different settings in and out of the reverb, wet/dry, all that sort of thing.

So far thousands, if not dozens of thousands of DJs, worldwide are using Prime 4s at hundreds of thousands of live gigs.

There’s nothing stopping them, or you, from using the Prime 4 live.

I’m also thinking that the forum mods should stop people from replying to themselves on topics

Ok man thanks for the feedback whe it come to the audio process any pc with good specifications has the capacity to process much information that any standalone. the p4 internal memory how do you compare with a pc withh high specifications, thats a fact i used core i9 with 64 gb of ram and rtx 2080 im not here to discuss that type of thing i came here looking for any kind of help o solution to a specific problem the reverb, the echo, and the hall echo kill the sound, please see the video im being respectfull with all of you I NEVER SAY THE SOUND BAD I ONLY SAID THAT THEY KILL THE SOUND !!!

As you can see my english is not to good, and this is my first time in a forum, i dont know how it works sorry for that man, i only try to find a solution, i dont know how to reply sorry for that

All good man. I just couldn’t understand your statement about not using the P4 live because of an effect and disagreed the cheap entry level stuff getting better results when it’s not, it’s the software doing the work. I’m not trying to argue, just healthy discussion.

You have the decay on max during the whole video and active frequency set to all bands.

My guess is that you had one large long reverb that is still dampening until eternity.

If you trigger the FX button the decay is still active. Better is to use the ON button because the reverb effect will start over again.

But the real answer is: turn that decay way down and show us again what you think is wrong with the machine, because this is human error.

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