Editing playlist on prime 4 issue

Hi guys I was not allowed to post this in the engine dj section don’t know why? So when I edit a playlist on my prime 4 Like remove tracks or move up or down the play list , I then put usb in to my lap top and it gives the option to sync changes or something like that anyway when I select to do that it does something but then when I look at the playlist on the usb again it’s undone all my work and just put it back to how it was created on engine software

You need to select ‘sync to engine desktop’ before syncing the other way. Although I’m not sure playlist edits will feed back to the computer. I’ve never tried it myself but sure I’ve seen it mentioned on here.

Yes that is what I’m referring to , so it only comes up as an option if you have changed something on the controller , but doesn’t seem to work , maybe I’m doing something wrong , had to redo about an hours work

I don’t think it moves changes back to the software but I may be wrong, some of the more expertise library guys will confirm. There’s probably even a feature request active for it.