Drop jpeg ont a track that has no artwork

Pity u cannot drop a jpeg of artwork onto a song that has no artwork

Adding Release date column to the tracks in the Engine prime software

Better beatgrid controls in the software to cope witn variable bpm tracks You could learn something from virtual dj

Intelligent playlists and a color column Rekordbox have really nailed these features.


Thanks for the ideas.

We’ll add those that were new to the list.

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Unless theres some automatic program that scans your library and then uses some central music database connection to pull the release date data, I can see this being an empty column for a lot of DJs, even it were added. It could also be wrong so easily. After all, plenty of artists release their great hits albums for download, and while the greatest hits album might have been released in 2017, the hits on it could have had their own release dates spanning decades

Im not sure the colour column is all that of a benefit really. Under funky lighting, we can probably tell the difference between about 10 different colours before we get into the “lighter than that light blue” sort of confusion, and I don’t think there’s any way we’d want to split or categorise our music only 10 ways. But yeah…there’s always personal preference and someone might have a need for 10 colours, just as long as adding the feature doesn’t knock out any other, more useful feature.

Three years later and it still doesn’t seem possible to edit/add/change track artwork. Not good.

Don’t forget to add “bit rate” to the columns also while you’re at it.