Double tracks

Does anyone has also problems with tracks that wer imported double or triple times when they are in different crates or playlist? The name and the id3 tag are exactly the same but they were copied with (1) or (2). Anyone with the same problem?

That is normal for the Windows OS to add (1) and (2) an so the on when more than once the same file name is there. Windows OS or probably any OS can’t the have two file with same names , so adds (1) and (2) or (copy 1), (copy 2)

Have the same problem. Files on the original file system on the same position but one time in a crate and in some playlists. When does the system do a copy into the denon database folder?

Hi @Papaoke, thanks for posting. This is a weird, issue…what version of Engine PRIME are you running when importing?

Hi Nekoro, i have the latest version.

normally hi have managed my files with mediamonkey and have no doubles in my file system. I have one folder with all my mp3´s inside. I have different versions (Ext) or (Live) of songs, but every song only 1 time.

When i import the Files i import creates and playlists. then i have tracks twice and 3 times on the database. Why?

Now i found a “double” and when i play the track, the file is a complete different song!!!??? How is that possible? I have found now the 5th track that is wrong imported. :frowning:

I just reimported the Track information. In every other software the track information is right. :S

When you say “appearing on the database” do you mean a track appears once on the main drive, once on the target USB drive etc ?

Yes, but i haven´t connected the USB Drive. As it seems there are 2 different things. One time the software didn´t recognize the right ID3 Tag, and on the USB drive when all Files were copied in the “Engine Libary/Music” folder then i have doublettes in the folder. (Maybe cause the engine prime doesn´t have the right information in the tag). I don´t know how the software works. Does it takes the filenames or creates filenames from the id3 tag, then the problem is clear. The software didn´t regonize the right id3 tag!

You wouldn’t normally copy anything into that folder. This is why you have doubles.

You make a crate, or crates of all your music on your desktop/home computer then use engine to export / transfer the files from the home computer collection to the portable usb - don’t use windows to do the copy

exactly this is what i do!!! I don´t copy any files via browser. Only via drag and drop in Engine Prime!

This is why i don´t know how the system works.

I sync my handy with my mediamonkey database and there is not one double file!