Does Denon DJ support new DJ's?

Hey there, Does Denon support DJ’s by sponsoring products? Like for example: except for the big dj’s like Laidback Luke and Olliver Heldens etc., do you guys support starting (young) DJ’s?

Hello we support DJ creeps and he’s only 14 :slight_smile:


I’m totally attempting to indoctrinate friends to at least learn how to use the dual layer sc5000 feature so I can start sc5000 only party series. I do wish I saw Denon reaching out to ‘less commercial’ DJs as well as the rock stars. Like, pick a few underground tastemakers, wine them, dine them, then sc5000 them.

Agree Denon need to leave EDM and commercial music with real underground DJ House and Techno like Kerri Chandler, Kink, Hunee, The Black Madonna …

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Without sponsorship, we are hosting a DJ Social at our house this weekend, with the main focus being to introduce everyone in our local scene to the Prime Series. We will be going over dual layer, Serato Mode, and DVS using the mixer and Technics.

Denon did a great job putting the word out there. Now it is our job to get everyone involved.

What are the criteria on which Denon bases to support people? Like, is it possible for me to get supported the same way as you guys support Creeps?

Please place your suggestions for artists in this thread, & we till contact as many as we can :slight_smile: We’re always looking for new artists from all genres to join the Denon DJ Family. The artist we contact always depends on social reach & skill (obviously :))


It’s a really cool move @Chloe_DENONDJ !! You really need to support some young local DJ with House and Techno

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What are the perks of sponsorship?

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I love House & Techno so I’m very keen to get more artists onboard. We work with our Brand Ambassadors (Such as Laidback Luke, Kenny Dope, Oliver Heldens) in all different ways :slight_smile: We’re flexible with their requirements and support them as much as we can. We want to see all genres on the Prime Series, so like I said previously, we’re welcome to all suggestions!