DJTT long term review of SC5000M

As usual, the Engine software letting the hardware players down. Even after all this time Denon still haven’t fixed the basics.

****This the elephant in the room in regards to the Prime ecosystem. The current state of the Engine track preparation software has limitations. ***

From a usability perspective, the lack of modern track management features is staggering at this point. Being unable to do something as simple mass tag tracks is a huge omission, and not implementing an easy beatgrid control for stretching and compressing grids is something sorely missing from both in the Engine software and on the players themselves.*

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Good review.

It’s always been something I’ve said about the SC5000(M), you only need to bring one to a venue that has a Pioneer set-up. It helps show the product off to the venue and other DJs.

Umm…half of review is directly comparing them to DVS software (Serato to be precise). Apples and oranges.


@SlayForMoney Please remind us the meaning of DVS please :face_with_monocle:

DVS is Digital Vinyl System, right ? So this is exactly what the SC5000M is. The computing is made on the hardware itself instead of an external computer.

So the comparison is fair and it’s even the only comparison that can be made actually.

Bullshat. Direct competition for SC5000M is not DVS software but Pioneer CDJ range. Spinning platter is just a bonus feature. 7" will never substitute 12", even the reviewer admits it.

Problem with this review is it’s focused around a single person and it’s needs as a DJ and not looking at the bigger picture, at the hardware on it’s own.

the irony in both the Prime and NXS kits both borrow heavily from DVS software such as Serato, hence the comparison…

in the way that Fiat copies BMW as both use round wheels. Every playback system will have a play button. Platters sense position better with more clicks/ticks per revolution they have.

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