Display and fader button questions

First, I tried the players in full use with the X1800 but stumbled about some issues i got afterwards.

First, somehow the mediaplayers sometimes do, sometimes don’t link with the mixer and i had to re-assign every player manually to the mixer again after just one afternoon use ( got them since 10-7-2018) updated them with the latest firmware. Also the left player does not know what the right player does and visa versa. Also my jogwheels stay the color and don’t fade out anymore just like they did before. What can I do about this? Also the SC5000 I have does not load FLAC files, but Denon promised they could. I have the latest firmware installed. Can you help me?

How and on what ports did you connect the ethernet cables? How is your channel layout (which layer of which player on which channel)

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Hey Weezy,

make sure your x1800 and sc5ks are both the latest firmwares.

A couple tips for ya.

  1. make sure when you set up the players with the x1800 you always save your settings to your usb drive. its in the player settings. it is most likely loading the default player settings vs what you would like
  2. always use the same ethernet ports you set them up with. ethernet combinations (1/4 vs 2/3) make the x1800 setup up the color settings/inputs differently 3)color fade is an optional setting in the new firmware, go in the player settings and change it back. and SAVE SAVE SAVE 4)if the x1800 doesn’t recognize the players after a few seconds, turn off connect(the engine prime symbol) and turn it back on.

not sure about the flac issue


The players are linked to port 2 and 3 cause i like the layer A to be on the mid faders. So layer B is on fader one, Layer A on 2, Layer A on 3 and B on 4.

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I tried all of that, but that did not work. That is why I came here.

If you just connect the SC5ks with a network cable do they communicate and share tracks?

Have you tried a factory reset on the X1800?


Well I can share the track folder, but on the Pioneer system you can see what player A is playing on player B and vice versa. I want to know if that is a visual option we can get on the SC5000 as well, cause it is now limited to the layers of the deck.