i’m thinking of ditching denon and its ecosystem — too inferior to competitors ---- engine is immature

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It would be very interesting for you to present your arguments to understand your dissatisfaction!


If you think Engine is DJ software you’re wrong. It’s PREP software.

engine for standalone system , i’ ve denon prime go sorry for my bad english

What is “immature” about it. It loads tracks allows you to set (multiple) cue points . It starts playing selected song when play is pushed. Thats more than we used to have in the old days on vinyl… What exactly do you want it to do??? It wont make you tiesto. Only practice will acomplish that.

Yes it is “a learning curve” and different to others. But not that bad onnce you get it nailed down

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Facts. Once an InMusic technician told me he wasn’t aware of the 1800’s bricking I lost all faith in Denon. Cannot believe a technician didn’t know their mixers were bricking at live gigs. We had multiple posts about it too.

Maybe a fact , maybe not. Was it by email?

Bricking is usually the term used for a firmware update that didn’t “take”. So bricking at a gig, would suggest that a firmware update was attempted at a gig. Which doesn’t seem like a great time/place to perform a firmware update.


I’m thinking of ditching nespressos and its eco system - too inferior to competitors - the cups are immature


You obviously were talking to a level 1 tech (front line, 1st call tech), next time ask to talk to a level 2 or 3 (design/engineering) to escalate your concerns.

I was in exactly the same situation with my MCX8000 issues. They denied there was a problem then stopped responding to my emails. Standard unfortunately.

Even on the forum I raised a thread with a technical issue and that is being ignored too.

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It was actually one of the top technicians within InMusic- I have all the emails saved, but will obviously not be posting any of that information. So many of you justify your Denon purchases that you refuse to face the facts of what the true state of the company is in.

As @Nitebeatz said. Bricking is corruption within a firmware update. There fore the tech is right in saying he is unaware of any product “bricking” under normal use conditions. Things break especially sensitive electronics… a strong speaker next to your new sky glass tv… watch what happens… is that skys fault the screen is knackered??

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