Detect live BPM change

Hi I would like to know if the SC5000 have an option that calculates the BPM live like the Pioneer CDJs? This is useful for any kind of BPM change.

Not that I’m aware off.

Engine Prime and by extension the Prime players have warping capabilities rather than proper flexible beatgrid (as can be found in Rekordboxdj, Serato DJ & Virtual DJ) .

If you manually warp a track in Engine Prime it will only make all the beats to stay as one BPM during play back.

So if for example you have a funk or disco track that averages at 120 bpm but drifts to 124 due to it being played by humans, during playback that 124 part if tightly gridded in Engine Prime drops to 120.

That’s being my experience so far…Maybe it’s different for others.