Denon Warranty

One of my mates has had a Numark controller (the one with the screen on the jogs) for years and he still uses it literally every weekend. Rock solid device.

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Yeah I compared to the smaller Pioneer models in the shop and they seem to be a bit nicer for the same price. its always quite satisfying being able to mix on the cheapest gear out there too.

Just realised I can use my Microsoft rewards points on Amazon so managed to get £50 in vouchers, making total cost for the Mixtrack £115… over the moon with that as a cheap backup.

Aye that’s a winner for sure. The bigger issue though is what is wrong with your current controller and how they’ll diagnose it.

Yeah I thought that, it seems like some weird memory/processor issue as you said, and not mechanical.

I’ve nailed it down to exactly what is happening and it’s when you leave the deck sat on the cue point without it playing. So if you load a track then quickly cue it and play it doesn’t happen. I’ve done every step possible to solve it anyway and it didn’t work so up to them now.

The plan of action is to get a DJM-S5 and 2nd LC-6000 if they can’t fix it, then use them as a little Serato 2 decks and mixer setup in a coffin case. Then at least it’s a bit more flexible.

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