Denon Warranty

I’ve been having some intermittent issues with the left deck on my Prime 2. The Cue and Play buttons become unresponsive and in most cases the only way to resolve it is to reboot the device. Trouble is I’ve had to do this at my last 4 gigs, which as you can imagine isn’t the best thing on earth.

In light of this I think my time with the Prime 2 is up, it’s been all in all great but I can’t rely on it for paid work. As it’s only been 11 months what exactly am I entitled to when I take it back to my local retailer? Can I just get a refund and look to purchase something else or is this going to go down the route of lengthy repairs etc?

There is no stock of the unit anywhere by the looks of it, and given the current parts shortage, I can’t imagine Denon will be able to repair in good time (I need something for future gigs).

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My Prime 2 failed twice on the weekend, very embarrassing, the right deck stuttered and then the whole unit froze. I’ve sent it back for store credit, I can’t run my business with a unit like this. Such a shame, I had high hopes for these units!

Mine has been running fine for about 10 months, then just recently decided to have this issue. The other deck still plays but you can’t do anything when it comes to mixing the next track. I can’t actually work out what it is either because it then runs flawlessly for 4 hours after the reboot, only to do it again the next time I use it.

It would be easier if it had just straight up conked out then at least I would understand the problem.

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I think you can expect a repair and that’s it…

I have 2 SC6000’s of which one had a frozen touch screen at least 2 times during a gig. Luckily you can reboot SC6000s one by one, but then you’ll have to reboot the other one too because of engine lighting running and so on. Plus it’s just stressful when this happens in a live set.

Together with all the unsolved bugs and missing features that makes me doubt a lot about not buying CDJ3000s. But the CDJ3000 has no dual layer…. Tuff one…

Yeah I’ll see what the store says, I don’t see how they could possibly ‘repair’ something that’s intermittent like this.

My plan is to buy a 2nd LC-6000 and a DJM-S5 and have a small coffin case, then just use Serato. That way I’m not solely reliant on a single piece of kit.

It lay be allowed connection, but finding it is indeed a problem…

Yes you are, your laptop…

My laptop, that has never let me down in over 13 years of using Serato, with one isolated incident due to Rane not updating their drivers, that I’ve now resolved by reloading an older OS.

Apple and Microsoft have got their respective operating systems nailed down for reliability, it’s their area of expertise.

Thing is with a laptop if you have any issues with skipping / freezing you can investigate and diagnose yourself. With standalone systems it’s impossible.

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This, you can also plug a phone or something similar into a mixer whilst you reboot the laptop, the Standalone you have no option but cut the music for 2/3 minutes whilst it reboots.


I currently have the best of both worlds. Very reliable laptop running VDJ for video from the MCX8000 and at the flick of a switch I can move over to standalone and play the audio files instantly without rebooting the unit if I ever needed to.

Too many uncertainties right now being standalone only. It’s simply just not reliable enough.

Yeah I’ve learnt the hard way… it’s a shame because the Prime 2 is such a brilliant bit of kit to use, finding tracks is a breeze, all the knobs and buttons feel great… and being able to wire up and start playing in a matter of minutes is a huge advantage too. Shame there is no Serato support for it really.

I don’t know if the issue I’m having is to do with the internal SSD, but I bought a decent quality one so who knows.

I’ve made a USB up from one of my old RB ones and I’m going to try it using that to see if it’s any more stable.

It seems to happen more if you leave the track sat on the first cue point and not playing, as if it doesn’t like the track just sat there.

Sounds like it’s running out of memory with the track cued up.

Weird thing, you reboot it and it then works perfectly for 4 hours solid. Only to do it again the next time you use it. And I’ve only ever managed to get it to happen on the left deck.

Took my Prime 2 to the retailer (just down the road and the owner is a top guy) and they are sending it away for repair. Told me he doesn’t have good news for me on the time front so I’m going to buy a Numark mix track as a backup device to use whilst I’m out of action.

Just deciding if I want the fancy jog wheel screens or not:)

I used a DJ2GO2 for almost 3 months when my MCX8000 was with Denon. Surprisingly it was top notch.

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Yeah that’s an option, although chatting to Mike at Phase One yesterday there is hardly any stock of anything, and the Mixtrack Pro FX is £165 atm, I had a play around on a few bits in the shop and the platters and pitch faders on the Numark feel so much better than anything else at that price, especially for a DJ who like to blend mix, feels very house music oriented if that makes sense. Plus being 6’2 I’ll take any size advantage my clumsy hands can get, the little DDJs just felt far too small, the DDJ-200 I can nearly pick up in one hand with my fingers stretched over the top lol.

Can they not loan you a controller while your other one is getting repaired?

Nah i dont think so, to be honest i need to buy a backup anyway as im tied to a single device for gigs without ripping all my 1210s and mixer out each time (which isnt going to happen).

I guess nobody has anything spare right now, the stock issue is crazy.

That’s why I bought a second MCX8000 as I couldn’t put up with 10 weeks for a repair if anything happened again. Although it sits doing nothing it will be handy at some point in the future.

I have no interest in the new Prime gear whatsoever so it is better to have a backup if you can.

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Yeah definitely, and as a primary Serato user the easiest thing for me to do is a cheapo controller, my laptop is already set up with up to date crates etc so a simple plug and play… im quite looking forward to having a play around on it tbh, dining table with a small Bose speaker and my laptop.