Denon Tech support is very disappointing as well as the company

I contacted Denon a year ago or more regarding the issue with my MCX8000. This hardware failure is wide spread and they never did anything to help us out with this issue. I have been working with Denon products for a long time and recommended their controllers to a lot of people. I have since bought a Prime 4 and really love it. But because of the issue with the MCX8000 never getting fixed. I will no longer purchase from Denon anymore nor recommend them to over 300 DJ’s and other clients of mine.

Cool story, but what are you looking for here by making this comment?


So you werent happy with the mc8000 … bought a prime 4 and love it yet denon are still crap… Even though a year ago the mc8000 was well past EOL…

Dont get it sorry


What issue?

What hardware failure?

What issue?

What issue?

OK so you made it clear that there was an issue…but what was the “issue”?


It’s been fixed. There’s a display chip which, last I heard, InMusic we’re replacing on the units affected (it’s not just firmware, it’ll need sending to InMusic to swap the internal chip.

Support wise, InMusic also released new firmware enhancements even some time after the unit was discontinued.


Had a serious issue with my prime go. I could only get output through the headphone socket-opened a ticket on September 22nd.I got a generic reply exactly three months later suggesting that I try the forum, or chat which never seems to be in operation. Denon should get an award for world’s worst tech support.