Denon sc5000 got burnt (doesn't turn on)

Hello! I am writing this topic because I am a little worried and I would like to find out what could have caused this problem. Yesterday, after finishing my mixing session, about 10 minutes after I turned off all the equipment, I started to clean off the dust. When I reached the player and blew off the dust from the buttons, my Denon SC5000 player made a loud sound and then started to smell like it was burning (it’s worth noting that the smell was stronger on the right side, near the on/off button). Considering that it was plugged in but not turned on, how damaged could it be? What do you recommend and what would be your diagnosis at first glance? Thank you!

*My suspicion is that the problem may be coming from the power supply that has burned out. Some clues would be that in recent days, when I touched the player, the first touches would produce a very slight current when I put my hand near the screen to scroll through tracks. Additionally, on the day of the problem, I noticed a strange thing which I only realized after putting everything together: the screen was flickering very slightly at times. *the mixing session went normally without any other issues encountered

There are some mentions of poor grounding to disrupt players. If im not wrong it was about platter problems. Did you get sometimes some small electro shocks if you touched it? Where did your player stand?

hi! thank you for replying. The platter worked well. Indeed I got some electroshocks like the last 3-4 days before it happene, but not on the platter. i got them when i touched the player when scrolling thourgh tracks. This happened to me 10 minutes after I ended the mixing session and started to clean the dust from my gear. I have all my gear on a desk(2 monitors, this player and a 92). Hope is not the motherboard and is just the entry source. since the player was off when this happend, i hope the shock didn’t get over the power source.

I seems that there are some problems with the electric circuit and maybe some grounding problems that caused it.

But I can’t say what it really is.

You could open it up to checke it, but if you don’t have a clue from electronics I wouldn’t recommend it to do it by yourself.

This problem seems to be bigger than some easy soldering of buttons or pitch faders. Send it to a repair shop to avoid further damage.

seems you know more than I do. Did it happened to you too? Hope is not dead for real. I have this player for just 2 years and seems it doesn t have a good quality. Or maybe is just my bad luck.

Things that plug into electricity occasionally do this.

Send it to a service centre for fixing

I don’t know not more than you do. Im sorry it’s just a general idea which is not specified to the Denon product. The grounding thing is just something I tried to check so it can be avoided the next time. But it’s also not Denon specific. But since you had it on a normal table and your platter worked fine (which sometimes behaves strange when grounding isn’t correct) it shouldn’t be the problem.

As recommended you should bring it to a service.

I owned two sc5000 and now 3 sc6000, at this point none of the players failed. There can be many reasons for the failure. Maybe it’s a faulty unit or maybe the user made some mistakes. Could also be a bad power plug