Denon sc5000 and this prime4

Hi will this controller work in link mode with the denon sc5000m, so we can swipe tracks from controller to the sc5000 series, and vice versa like being able to see the wave forms from the sc5000 on the main screen of the controller.


Do you mean DJ System, not controller? :wink: Yes you can connect the M’s to the Prime 4 and use the centre screen to allocate to each channel .


Nice, thnx for the info.

Can you see the sc5000’s waveform on the screen on the prime 4? Is it possible to link 2 sc5000 on the prime 4 with ethernet and use music library of the prime 4 on them ?(not just one)

Hi R3sceu, thank you for your question.

At the launch of the Prime 4, to connect an SC5000 or SC5000M, you will need to connect via the analogue inputs in the back. This means you will not see waveform information on the Prime 4 screen, just on the SC5000.

The request to fully integrate these will possibly come in future updates.

Thanks J


In addition, you can connect SC5000/M to the same network as Prime 4 and share media in both directions.


What is the connections that need to be made to make the SC5000M share the same media in both directions?

Also, is there a way to have the SC5000M’s work with serato with the Prime 4 as the mixer?

Network. Ethernet in my case. Didn’t try WiFi yet, but should be the same.

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So, we just insert Ethernet cable and use in Stand alone mode to allow the SC5000M to see the drives on Prime 4?

Both in standalone mode. Both will see each other’s drives. My devices are all connected on the same network switch.

It will also ask if you would like to load a preference/profile from the other drive (if any would exist on it).

Thanks, exactly what I needed.

Now, if they enable the Prime4 to act as an activator of Serato and also chain the SC5000M as a controller, that would be the best of both worlds.

But what about sync and showing other player status? Can the Prime 4 and SC5000 be linked for that? If not, will that arrive soon?

If I connected an SC5000m, Prime 4, and Soundswitch all into the same Network Switch do you foresee issues sharing music and lighting information? Secondly, in this configuration are you able to send A & B on the SC5000m to 3 & 4 on the Prime 4?

An SC would act as a normal media player. So yeah you can hookup the SC to the line inputs of choice.

Network traffic shouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t know Soundswitch.

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Thank you Reese! Great info. Waiting for my sc5000m to come in so I can play with this setup.

HI Jay,

I have a Prime 4 and am looking into possibly getting an SC6000M. Any update on the integration you mentioned between SC’s and Prime 4’s?

whe you update the software??