Denon prime go recording crash

Hey fellow djs

I was recording an amazing mix just a couple hours ago on my prime go and I had my Kingston 32gb 3.0 300/mb/s usb plugged in. I was around a hour into the mix, randomly my prime go had a pop up on the screen that wrote something along the words of “download speed of flashdrive not fast enough to record, recording error” and I was a bit surprised cause I got the best usb in the whole tech store and it still crashed, is this normal to happen? Or is it a problem with my controller.

It’s my first time using the controller since buying it so it might be a software error. I have a gig tomorrow that I’d like to record so if anyone has any advice I’d much appreciate it!!

Thanks a lot everyone :call_me_hand:t3:

The message about the drive being too slow for recording to take place is, pretty much what it says.

Some memory cards/drives are faster (most costly) than others. Some offer great “burst” speeds but lousy sustained speeds etc.

Also, make sure you’re recording to a different card/drive than the one you’re accessing music from


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