Denon Prime 4 top panel

Hi all. The top panel of my prime 4 is getting rusted and I’m not sure why cause I take care of the unit and don’t let any moisture hit the unit. The same thing happened to my denon Mc 6000. Do you guys know where I can get a replacement top panel for the prime 4?

Thanks in advance

Living on the seaside?

Several people have reported what appears to be the paint wearing off and exposing the underlying metal. I too have this issue. It seems that the coating of black paint is very thin.

The locations that this is happening on my Prime 4 are not “high traffic” areas. They’re at points that wouldn’t be subjected to my hand rubbing across them.

Probably the best solution would be to apply a skin.

But isn’t the skin already causing a problem? :joy:


No the skin is a vinyl overlay… not the original spray coat with screen printed graphics. The skin would protect more than the original coatings