Denon Prime 4 Jogwheel too much loose

Hi, I’ve just tested another P4 to a local retailer and their P4 Jogwheels are way tightened than mine. What can I do to tighten it more ? (Open and screw ?)


Is that possible ? Same product different construction?

Not gonna lie if there is a way to pop these babies open and tighten them down or change the tension somehow that would be amazing!

Yep, denon dj tech service joined… waiting for their aswer. Fingercross

I have just received my replacement prime 4 and I can confirm the jog wheels are way tighter than my initial release unit. I think denon must have adjusted this due to feedback, at the start loads of people were saying the jogs were too loose. Faders also feel nicer to use on this one and the echo actually works properly now!!! What a great piece of hardware, it’s a pity engine prime is an embarrassment.


Please keep us informed!!

Just updated the new unit to 1.3.3, annnnnnnd the echo is back to being crap again, volumes all over the place and practically unusable, was the same on my last unit, definitely a software issue. Please please look into this and try and revert it back to echo used in 1.3.1, it worked much better. :frowning:

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So with denon dj, as for smartphones, wait before updating firmwares

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Did the tech service told you something?

Some DJ would feel same jog wheels and some would say they’re too tight , other DJs would feel same jog wheel and say too loose

Nope, waiting…

In my case the jogwheels are loose like ddj800/1000 set at maximum loose, too much

A friend of mine tested another P4 last version, and jogwheels are tightened too. Hope we can tighten it on our earlier version.


How can we get ours tightened up??? It’s pass the days of returning


I hope it will not be too much difficult (some screws and a tool) to do it myself (I won’t send the P4 to tech service and loose weeks)

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