Denon Prime 4 froze during playback after update to 2.1.2 and unable to boot back up. Screen is black and unresponsive

Recently purchased a Denon Prime 4. Unboxed and immediately updated to 2.1.2 from 1.6.2 via computer. After 15 minutes of playback, the entire device froze and I was forced to unplug. Upon rebooting, the launching sequence seemed to go into a loop with the Engine Prime Logo on the screen and the version of firmware (2.1.2). This kept recurring every time I unplug and reboot.

I then tried holding the power button down for 5-10 seconds which made the screen go completely black. Now, when I try unplugging to reboot, the lighting sequence occurs on the buttons as normal but then it goes back to the loop. However, this time the screen stays black and unresponsive.

I have read that I should downgrade the firmware (back to 1.6.2) using a Computer and by holding down the eject button as I power on to get to Update Mode and then upgrading back to normal via a USB Drive. I intend to do this but since the screen stays black, it seems I am unable to do anything now… Please Help!? How can i get the screen to work again? This is clearly a firmware issue.

I would suggest to take this up with support. You can reach them by creating a ticket via Support | Engine DJ … or contact your reseller to see if a unit swap is a possibility

What have you got plugged in usb/ hdd/ssd wise anything or nothing???

Hey, so I read a bunch of comments on here from a similar situation and it basically advises to try and downgrade the firmware to an earlier one. When I first booted the Prime 4, it was on 1.6.2, so I decided to DL the updater on a USB and also on my computer. I have been trying both methods by holding down the eject button when I re-power the device to launch into update mode but because the screen is now black, this seems futile. I once held down the power button itself while it was in the boot loop and the screen came on saying “Engine Prime Version 2.1.2” but it stayed on that screen. This gave me hope that I may be able to update it to a lower version but since I had to unpower and power again, the screen has been black since.

I would always update or downgrade firmware via a laptop/computer as opposed to usb or OTA. Much more reliable.

Seems something happened when you chose to update the firmware and looks as if it didn’t complete the cycle. How did you update? As in what method did you use?

Thats interesting to hear SunnyJ. After reading about this issue from multiple sources, It seems most people claim that a USB Updater is more reliable than Laptop or OTA.

I also spoke to Denon support earlier today and they basically advised the same thing while also claiming that the problem may have initially arose from using a much older OS on my Mac… Which I do unfortunately. I am currently operating on Mac OS Sierra which is Version 10.12.6 (very old). I updated my Prime 4 using my mac as soon as I pulled it out the box.

Everything seemed fine for 15 mins of playback until everything froze.

I am still trying to troubleshoot with a blank screen. Any ideas?

Engine 2 latest release runs on high sierra no issues at all. I use it because of my serato needing to be a certain version to allow others to “borrow” it. But yes update via usb. Carry one with JUST os on it

But Ì wonder how can an update work only for 15 minutes an then everything is broken?

Normally, when a system starts up (or even during the update/flash process), a checksum of the flash memory is (should be!) calculated to make sure everything went OK. So either the update is OK or NOK, but NOK after 15 minutes? Maybe something else broke on your hardware and it is only a coincidence that it happened after the update.

Most often things are breaking either in the beginning of the use time or after a long use time.

It is the same as if anything is not working, it is always suggested “try to update again”. How can that fix anything? I am a (software and systems) engineer and I cannot imagine of how doing an update again can fix anything.

To me this looks like a hardware issue (maybe RAM or something), so the system crashes during the startup and then reboots.


This happened to me. Had to pay $200 to send in for repair. They had to repair the PCB apparently. Recieved them back to the latest update everything was working. Only I had to update again and I’m running into the same problem. They told me I had to send my decks back again and when I told them I am not paying more money for them to fix faulty decks they never responded. I can’t even sell these decks if I wanted to now. I am passed my warranty and all. I have been dealing with this for over a year with no help. I wanted a refund or a replacement and they ignored me. Switching to Pioneer once I get this resolved. Denon is horrible. They don’t care about their customers and their technical support system ■■■■■. Very unreliable if you’re actually a professional DJ. Luckily, I have no gigs lined up yet. I would be panicking major if I did. They act like we have thousands of dollars lying around to fix this. I already paid $2,000 for these decks. Im so ■■■■■■.


There is a combination of buttons you can use to boot the device up into update mode, whereby you should be able to update it. Have you tried doing that?

You’re not alone- my friend is in the same exact situation as you. He’s already sent back two SC6000M’s within one year due to bricking and they refuse to send him a third. They told him to take it to a repair center. See picture below of his unit bricking.

The first problem is the firmware Denon is releasing is not tested enough. They keep adding more and more features in every iteration and it’s causing an overload on the units. The second problem is they have no quality control with their products.

My SC5000s are non-functional with firmware 3.2, so I went back to version 2.2 and in 12 hours of gig time the only problem I’ve been able to constantly replicate is the slow database loading. There’s also minor glitching between using dual layers. Denon keeps telling me I have a database problem which is why it won’t work with firmware 3.2. It’s a sick joke.

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