Denon prime 4 and serato

Had a quick session with prime 4, serato and Tidal. I like it. How the prime 4 is mapped to serato is very good. All the grids are pretty bang on and on the 1 beat. Really like the integration. Fir me I prefer the all in one solution with the prime 4 bit still it’s fun to play around with it with Sersto. Would of been super cool if the computer would of picked up the internal drive. But hey I’m not complaining. Great job guys

Would have, not of.

The computer should pick up the internal drive. I know Atomix confirmed this when using VirtualDJ.

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Cool ill test that tomoz

Your Prime 4 connected drives should be picked up in Serato.

It does so on the 5000/M

Thanks man, I don’t think I looked enough to find it. It showed on my macbook screen so it’s there. I’ll look again tonght. I was only having a first look at serato. Never used it before. Looks like a decent programme. Tight integration with Prime 4. Screen could do with some love in terms of waveform.

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