Denon Prime 2, No output on Master and Headphones

Video explains everything. When I load a track it shows volume level and everything except Master level. Same applies to headphones there is no sound coming out of device.

Is the crossfader assign on the front both set on A perhaps?

What happens when you move the crossfader to the left (or crossfader setting both on through)?

[oh and don’t forget to remove the platter foils] :sunglasses:


Is Your mixer input set to internal or line in? Check this.

I am a bit new to Denon, where do I change this?

Not saying it’s not possible but should the VU move if it’s not in the appropriate input ?

That is a good spot, but how it is routed inside prime 2? Is the VU Assigned only to the internal decks or is it as a normal mixer? And is the Master level on any bigger volume? If Master knob is at 7/8 o’clock the master vu also will not show anything.

The Prime has only one input. RCA AUX. So it doesn’t have the input selector.

@nejcfilipic download the firmware and flash again

I made new video, now I updated to 1.5.2, but problem is that even headphones doesn’t make any sound even when previewing track

I think it’s a dead unit. Return it to the retailer and get a new one.

Probably some internal connection is loose or disconnected.

Remove the jog foil.

Magic may happen :sweat_smile:

I keep jog foil on because I will return to retailer and hopefully get new one

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Removing jog foil shouldn’t have any bearing on getting a replacement.

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