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I’ve put two posts on the forum regarding a problem I’m having with my prime 4 and still haven’t been able to get to the bottom of it. I’ve called ’ in music brand ’ which I’m led to believe is affiliated to Denon uk, and I’ve also left emails via the Denon website and had no replies. Could someone please tell me who I should contact regarding this problem of the prime 4? I gig regularly and I cannot get my cross fader working atall. I changed the contour of the cross fader so it fades in and out but it still didn’t work but what I noticed was the volume controller knob above the split button was working like the cross fader while it was in the fade in and out contour . Very strange.

I’m not sure who to contact with this problem as my phone calls and emails aren’t getting me any where are the moment. Any help would be grateful

I’m sure we can get you up and running but some more details might be needed.

Things like :slight_smile: Are you using the prime 4 standalone or just a a DJ controller? For serato or Virtual

What outputs are you listening to, like speakers connected to master out, or zone/booth out or headphone socket ?

What are the crossfader assign switches set to - each of the 4 switches can be set to A, or B or Thru ?

What channels have you got music source coming into ? Like you’re trying to fade out of channel 1 and into channel 3 Can you hear both those sources if you leave the crossfader in the middle ?

What inputs are running into each channel like usb, line etc?

Are there any effects or filters applied to any channels or eq knobs turned all the way down?

Sorry this isn’t likely to be a full answer to get you up and working but only a few things to try

I failed to see why another topic is created. See here:

Hi antchi

thanks for reaching out I have both decks 1 and 2 both in usb and I’m using the prime as a stand alone with its own software.The machine has been working perfectly since I purchased it over a year ago but recently I’ve been djaying at garden parties and went for a loo break and came back to some kid thinking he was a dj and moving the cross fader back and forth just before i finished my set. The following week I turned the machine on at another garden party and it froze on the start up screen I then had to power it off by unplugging it . Not a great idea I know but it was the only way to re boot it again.

Since then the cross fader hasn’t worked as if both volume channels are open and cross fader in the middle even though I move it to left and right with no difference.

I have tried the different contours and there is no difference. What I did notice when I tried it on Saturday night at another garden party ( I only use the controller when I’m playing at gigs and is left boxed in the guerrilla flight case) Above the split button there is a control knob when I moved the knob to the right and left while the cross fader contour was assigned to fade in and out . It was like that knob had taken over the cross fader contour . Very strange

I have updated the firm ware to the latest one and still no difference

I am using deck one assigned to a and deck 2 assigned to b is the exact same settings I’ve always used from when purchasing the prime 4 I also use Mackie active speakers connected to the XLR out of the prime 4 to the in of the active speakers.

All filters are off I use the various effects throughout the night and always set them to neutral position. I’ve taken the cross fader out to check it’s housed correctly. Usually if a cross fader goes on me it’s wear and tear (scratching over a long period of years) I’ve never had a cross fader just not work like the way it’s happened on the prime. It’s continuously set so both the left and right deck are open and I can only control this from the volume controls on the assignment of each deck I hope that makes sense

My best guess and it is only a guess, Is that the unit received some accidental damage at the garden parties. One type of damage could be that the kids spilt some liquid in the unit, alternatively, were any of the garden parties having you run on generator power not solid electric supplies?

The control that you’ve mentioned near the split control should have no effect on the crossfader, or vice versa.

The contour, by the way, only changes how sharply or softly the Signals assigned to the crossfader come in and fade away… and how much movement of the crossfader is needed to bring in the signal from the other side like 5mm or 50mm

I just find it strange that the control knob above the split button is having an affect . I did think about possible drink damage to the unit while I was away from it. Do you know where I can purchase a new cross fader to at least rule out the possibility of that being damaged? I usually have my cross fader with a sharp contour for scratching

All the gigs have been via power from the houses. No generators

Thanks for your input

What position is your THRU switch (below channel faders) set to?

If you want to mix between 1&2 via crossfader, you’ll want CH1 set to L and CH2 set to R.

Hi jwill both are set to left and right for mixing but I sometimes set them the opposite ways for scratches.

I’ve made a short video of the set up but I can’t seem to upload it I’ve taken two snap shots from the video which I’ve uploaded both channels on left and right and underneath both are on usb

Hi @robriot , a Video might help for sure. You can try to upload it to Google Drive / Google Photos / Dropbox / Onedrive etc and share the link, or upload the video to YouTube, set it to private and share the link.

The crossfader is user replaceable. Try to unscrew the crossfader and check the connection. Like the person in the pic of Noiserider did here (with a replacement fader):

If that is also correct and confirmed the fader might be defect and you need to contact your retailer or support ( or reply by answering questions below in detail and provide a video

  • What exact steps did you take trying to activate the crossfader?
  • Is it a new unit and did it never work?
  • What Firmware version / build number is the Prime 4 on?

Hi addie I checked the wiring inside with the connector everything seems ok

I’ve managed to upload the little video to my YouTube account you can see the settings and the cross fader isn’t cutting off when I move it left and right you can’t really hear in the video what the control knob is doing above the split button but the contour knob is turned to smooth transition and it seems to be affecting the knob above instead of the cross fader

The video isn’t the greatest but it was while I was at one of the garden parties at the weekend the people at the party where looking at me wondering why I was videoing my controller lol

I can’t make out what’s going on. Please upload a clearer video displaying your mixer and front panel settings. Something like this:

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You can check the crossfader also, with any DAW or DJ Software, which supports midi. If you move the fader, and you can´t record it´s moving in a DAW or see the moving in 3rd party dj software like Serato & Virtual DJ … it might be broken.

To check this function, you have to bring the the Prime to controler mode.

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For midi signal in/out is a very handy free tool named midiOX - I use it also at work to test some midi options of light controllers. Does the job, makes life easy.

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