Denon MCX8000 - Software

Hello Guys,

Which software is the best in combination with the Denon MCX8000.

And why. ?

Serato DJ 1.9.5. or

Virtual DJ 8.2

Which do you use.


Clearly you can expect Serato to have the best integration. I haven’t tested it with VDJ yet. And I know some folks over at Mixvibes are trying to get it working as well.

I have buy a Denon MCX8000 with Serato.

And also a MacBook Pro that i want to use together.

Some people say it works perfect with VDJ and there are no issues.?

Please let us know when there are issues with VDJ or Serato in combination with MBP and this controller.

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Again, the MCX clearly support Serato natively, so you would normally not expect any problems there. VDJ were the first (that I know of) that also had a mapping that supposedly worked fine, but without the screens. A little while ago I was told they now have the screens working too. Not sure how much and how good it works though.

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I use my 8000 with VDJ and it works perfectly. And the screens work great!


Hi rwfrench2,

Which versie VDJ do you use.

On Windows or MBP.

The license you get , can you use this on one pc or two.

Serato is my software of choice due to the pitch n time plugin, which is brilliant.

I had a chance to use the Denon PnT option on the SC5000. It’s ridiculous. +/- 100% and sounds great!

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Hallo DJ-Hennie, VDJ 8.2 funktioniert alles super

Hello dj_koch,

Do you use VDJ with a Macbook Pro.

Hallo DJ Hennie, ja ich benutze ein MacBook Pro

Kannst du mal ein bild schicken von dein audio einstellung.

Hallo DJ Hennie, hier meine Einstellung Gruß djk Thomas

Do you know if they’re able to see the waveforms or browse the folders?

I presume you mean Serato PnT with a SC5000?

No, I mean the built-in elastic audio option in the players.

Oh wow, I thought you were talking about Serato PnT. Would you say the Denon PnT is as good as it is in Serato?

Better. +/- 100% range, no hickups or artifacts.

Geez, I honestly didn’t think you could get better than Serato Pnt. It can also do ± 100% with no probz. The fact that Denon’s PnT algorithm is so good is really impressive!!

VDJ 8.2 on Windows 10… Pro license can be installed on 2 computers