Denon MC7000 best Mac operating system?

Hi, Just bought a Denon MC7000 on New Zealands version of Ebay (trademe) it was working perfectly till my Mac died, So have ben given a Macbook with High Seirra, The Denon won’t go ten mnutes without freezing… I have also had random eq static, tracks sounding like they’re going through a phono port at times… I looked up about the firmware upgrade but get to the final instal and it won’t let me install the firmware… so… I’m looking to swap the two macbooks I have for an appropriate operating system loaded macbook… Can someone tell me the best Mac operating system for the Denon MC7000 please. Cheers G

What’s the spec of the Mac? Details of the macs configuration ie Model, RAM, CPU etc

What software are you djing with? Will It be foolish of me to assume it’s Serato since you are in NZ :sweat_smile:

Hey Mufasa, My question was What is the best operating system for the Denon MC7000… Yeah it has Serato Pro already loaded in the MC7000… I know Serato is in Auckland but I dunno why it’s foolish of you to assume bruv?

the Mac I’m currently running is an old macOS High Seirra Version 10.13.6
proccessor: 2.4GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo memory: 8gb 1067 mhz ddrs graphics: nvidia gegorce 320m 256mb

I’m wanting a reccommendation for the best mac system to run the Serato on my MC7000 and potientially some form of soundswitch and or laserdock on my current laptop through the dual usb ports…

This is where your issues lie

Intel Core Duo CPU has not been supported by Serato dj since version 1.6 or so. I’m not sure if the MC7000 was around then.

You need a new laptop with at least an Intel i5 CPU. Don’t think of getting an AMD processor laptop as a cheaper alternative, its also not supported.

Just kidding, but some people use Virtual DJ with that same controller, so this information is important.

Firmware update on the controller will not help

As long as the Macbook meets the minimum requirement for Serato as mentioned above

I will not bother with an i3 CPU to be honest because once you start using effects and key lock it will sh1t its pants.

The best to get will be an i7 or i9 macbook pro.

Hope that helps

Thanks Mufasa, Perfect, The second laptop I have coming has i5 so will see how that works. Appreciate your time man - thanks again.

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I would not recommend i9 macbooks pro because of high heat emission that causes thermo throttle, and eventually it is slowing down the cpu to even lower specs than i5. I5 and i7 are the best to go for if You want the stable system without hickups.