Denon Engine DJ not working

i starting the engine software on windows with all updates, and it not showing the window, just in taskbar working small icon, i tryed to reinstall all denon software but nothing helps me!!!

can someone help me?


Did you try to uninstall software first and then reinstall?

Apologies in advance for this suggestion, but IT crowd…

On Windows, Shut Down is now useless for any software issues. You have to do a restart.

As @DrLastContaQt suggested, uninstall, then restart of windows, and then a reinstall.

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Adding to this:

Hold the Shift key when rebooting or shutting down on Windows10 (and up) to properly do a full restart/shutdown.

looks like a corrupt download/install to me.

Uninstall, hard reboot, re-download, reinstall.

nothing of this help me, i tryed reinstall windows and all works.

Delete all Engine Library folders from all drives and try again.

I had this on a PC a couple of years ago.

…I ended up re-installing Windows.

and now when i press record button on my denon go it not strating recording!!!

whats toodo ppls?

i inserted another drive to microsd slot and write on it, this work happy

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