Denon DJ SC Live 4 & Europe = Out of stock ?!

Hello, seems to be out of stock in all Europe. Denon HQ, have any ideea when is back in stores ? Regards

Checked all the stores - nothing. Maybe some smaller local shops that do not have a massive online shop have some, but it looks like you will get one late in January - this is the general timeframe that the shops offer at the moment.

Hope its is allowed-otherwise wipe it

Yup, while many people were still railing about those ‘useless speakers’ and how poorly this unit will sell, I snatched one from Thomann a few days after the price drop to 1300€. More than happy about my decision. It’s a great, sleek looking and very fun device. Thomann now estimates the next available units “within a few months”. We still have global supply issues, so I am not surprised.

An additional reason might be the higher price of the Prime 4 in Europe, like here in Germany where even used units get sold for around 2000€ and more. The Prime 2 is not available anymore, the Prime Go is for too specific target group, and the Mixstream covers the entry tier. This leaves the broad mid-tier area to the Live 4, together with competitors like the DDJ-1000, Roland 707M/808, Traktor S4, RR and used RX2, etc. and that’s (probably) why it sold out so quickly.


Which country are you in, might help to know if others are close to your locale and know of another supplier.


I’m from Romania

Im Switzerland its in stock:

Plenty off SC live 4 in stock in the Netherlands also.