Denon Dj go no battery indicator

Hi ,

My Denon Dj Prime Go isnt displaying the battery charging symbol when plugged in.

It will not charge and only works when plugged in?

There is two on the Prime Go. There is the green one to the right of the Denon DJ logo on the faceplate and another on the screen in the top right.

Do you see none of these indicators?

Are you using the original power cord? I purchased a Prime Go recently and the original one I had didn’t come with the original power cable and had all sorts of random issues. maybe worth checking it out.


The blinking charging light on the hardware isnt showing when plugged in. And the charging indicator on the display right top doesn’t show a charge past 25% no matter how much I charge the unit.

It came with the original charging cord

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Ahhh. That could be a failure somewhere. Is the unit still under warranty? It maybe worth getting them to look at that as it doesn’t seem right.

mine is doing the same and i have yet to get a reply from denon on the matter, did you manage to get yours working again? ive had mine for 14 months and used maybe 12 times as its not my main rig and really disapointed that its already malfunctioning and no response from anyone at inmusic for over a month