Denon 6000mk2 after serato update 1.9.6

Denon mc6000mk2 was working perfect before serato update was made last friday…so i tried it again today same prob.Funny!

sound is coming out of the mk2 without me movin the up fader its actually all the way down on CH 1&2. CH 3&4 working but the crossfader does not work…all setting a right on target.And all other nubs work perfect all equipment are up to date including

Mac Sierra 10.12.3 DN mk2 V1003 SDJ 1.9.6 whats really goin on here? what did i do? what did you do?who did what?

So i tried it as a stand alone mixer & bam no probz at all. I also reported this in SDJ

When did you up/down grade to Sierra OS ?

i cant remember but i just update sierra a week ago to 10.12.3