Denon 1850 lights stuck on start up sequence


Can anyone help as my pretty new 1850 mixer has the start uo sequence stuck for some reason ?

it started with the beat affects dropping of the lcd, but when I went to turn on today the unit won’t do anything !




I found serveral thread to this topic, but nothing had a solution for it.

I had this phenomenon yesterday once when I accidentally booted the x1850 mixer first. LED Flashing until at least one of my sc6000 was also booted.

But Engine Connect settings where complete messed up. Also Preplist what not shared again to all players who are using the same source.

I could handle this by rebooting everything from scratch in the correct sequenz and reconfigure engine connect settings.

I assume, when connected with denon players and engine connect, the mixer can start up in a kind of bad state when something goes wrong (wrong bootup startup sequenz, or something else)