Decoding information from a Link cable

New to the Denon ecosystem, and was excited to receive my prime go a couple weeks ago. Was planning on grabbing track metadata and other things like BPM on the fly from the link cable for streaming purposes (now playing, autoplay music videos). I set everything up with Link out from the prime go to the ethernet in on my desktop and tried to figure out what I was looking at with wireshark. All I’m seeing is “prime go discoverer howdy” over and over again. What steps can I take to get track data? Do I need to confirm anything to the prime go so it will send stuff? Any help is appreciated.


What you’re seeing is the UDP broadcast packet for stagelinq device discovery.

The host is supposed to send out a broadcast packet on port 51337 (iirc.) with DISCOVERER_HOWDY_ that contains among other things a TCP port that the host should be listening on. The prime device will then connect to this port to communicate further.

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