Deck won't play after loading song

I decided to bite the bullet and connect Prime 2 directly to speakers rather than via a mixer (Spotify backup for if things go wrong). Last night the right deck wouldn’t play after loading a song. Thankfully it was towards the end of the night so I plodded on with one deck and spotify rather than have silence for reboot period. I’m not exactly sure what I did but it was very similar to as described in the the thread below (reported resolved in previous software version and closed) I’m running version 1.6.2.

From the Spotify terms and conditions:

“personal, non-commercial use”

In other words you shouldn’t be using Spotify at gigs.

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Hey @melcarrol - Sorry to hear you ran into some issues mid-gig. We definitely would like to help but would probably need a bit more information to determine it’s source. If you can re-create the experience again and DM me a video, I’d be happy to forward you on to a technical support agent. A deck not playing a track could be related to several situations that we can probably narrow down with more info.

If you’d like to discuss, feel free to DM me anytime.

I have been unable to recreate the problem but this happened to me three times at a gig I did recently. It always freezes on the right deck. Unfortunately I was unable to capture any diagnostic data as I was ensuring there was no interruption to the music flow. I thought maybe I was trying to play the track before it was fully loaded so I paused touching the buttons for a short while before cueing up the track, but the problem still occurred. It was really embarrassing that it makes me nervous about using it. I’m considering getting the laptop and controller back out for some gigs as they are more reliable, especially in the clubs. I have the latest version of software and I have a 1TB internal drive.

Got it. Let’s definitely connect you with a support team member. Have you created a ticket via our support page yet? This is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with our team. You can do so via

I just wanted to update from raising a support ticket that I am still having problems with the right hand deck randomly freezing and the P2 requiring a reboot. It was suggested by Denon that the new engine prime software may be the solution but unfortunately it isn’t. There’s a psychological concern of knowing it can happen at any time. It happened three times at a gig recently. My workaround is an old iPhone with several songs of different genres that I can connect to my Bluetooth speakers while I reboot.

Hey @melcarrol - Have you tried Engine DJ 2.1? Are you still experiencing these issues with the new update?

This happened with my Prime 2, or something very similar. The right hand deck would stutter and stop after a random amount of time. Sometimes a reboot solved it, sometimes it did not. Returned to Denon twice, fixed twice (temporarily), now gone back to the retailer as it’s broken again (third time). I’m waiting for a refund.

Definitely a hardware fault as both times the controller went back for a repair it returned to me in fully working condition….at least for a few hours of use.

Hugely disappointing.

I had a gig on Saturday so I installed the latest Engine DJ 2.1.0 software and Prime 2 Firmware and I had no issues with the right deck. Also impressive how quick the music syncs to the drive. I’ll monitor and report after my NYE gig.


NYE gig went well without any issues with the right deck. I didn’t need to revert to my backup solution so I’m gaining more confidence in the Prime 2 and engine prime combination. It would be good to know if the specific fault conditions were identified and fixed rather than randomly as a result of a software/firmware update. Thanks to the Denon team.