Database corrupt after adding one song in computer mode

I had my 2TB hard drive already attached to my Prime 4 in standalone mode, I wanted to add one track so I put the prime 4 into computer mode added the track and after I went back to standalone mode it stated that my database was corrupt. I know that the proper process is to eject the drive before going back to standalone mode but really? I added one track and now I have to format and rebuild the whole database? There has to be a better way, It is ridiculous that it is that sensitive. Can anyone help me save my drive?..


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Do you mean that you didn’t eject them drive before going back to standalone mode?

Certainly sounds like that.

He knows the correct way to do it, but he didn’t. He knows he did it wrong but it’s Denons fault.

Probably hasn’t got a backup either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its not clear in the post.

If I switch from controller mode to standalone, I get the message on mac that drive was not ejected, but no database error (yet) - SC5000 and 6000.

This happens quite often to me as I may be using serato with the 5000 (which has a USB drive plugged in).


  1. When you switched back to standalone, was Engine Prime still running
  2. What format is the Prime drive?