Data storage to drive and managing?

Hey guys,

So I understand that when using a service like Tidal, it doesnt come over to the controller (Prime 4, etc) with BPM or key data. I have found out that you pretty much have to manually load each track you want to play on that playlist into your controller, but to have a internal or flash selected to save the data, etc to it.

HOWEVER, I noticed on my flash, it seems to store my data info directly to my usb but under the usb title and not to a specify folder or location on my usb.

So now when I go into my usb flash on my controller, it displays a HUGE list of tracks (some of them labeled in red, others in yellow, others in white, etc) I noticed how some of the tracks are from playlists from months ago that I dont even have on my flash but they are still listed on the usb but in a red color.

So my big question is how do I organize or get rid of past tracks in the open directory of my usb flash? Again the data info is not being stored under anything on my flash. It would be nice if there was a way to store the track data info from Tidal to a folder on my usb.

Im assuming I have to do all this organizing, deleting, etc from EngineDJ on my PC, right?

you could format the USB drive and export the tracks from Engine desktop again.

Correct, I had a look at Tidals API and it does not share BPM or Key. Its the same in most other dj softwaren that i have tried except VDJ.

I don’t know how Virtual DJ were able to get preanalysed Tidal tracks to show BPM though.