Cue points on PC but not on Prime Go V2.2.2


Just updated to 2.2.2 on PC and player, I have a usb stick that I was using with SC5000M players running 1.6.1 that I put in the PC to check the hot cue points are all OK, and all the hot cues can be seen. I take the same USB drive and put it into my Prime Go and the tracks are analysed OK but none of my hot cues are available. If I return the USB drive to the PC the hot cues are there? Any ideas?

When 2.0 first came out there was much talk of updating the library format which was supposed to happen automatically, but on my setup this doesn’t appear to happen. Is there a way to force a library format update on a USB drive while preserving the hot cues?

Obviously I can manually assign the hot cue points in 2.2.2, or revert to 1.6.2 firmware so the player matches my library, but 2.2.2 seems to have fixed all my initial complaints with V2.0.0 and it would take a very long time indeed to go through 1000s of tunes redoing the hot cues.

Thanks for any help

I reverted to 1.6.2 as a test on my Prime Go , and without making any changes to the USB drive, all my Hot Cue points were available. Pretty sure my issue is converting my library from 1.6.x format to 2.2.2 format. Sadly nothing obvious like a right click option to make this happen…