Cue points as Serato

What i really miss when not using Serato is how the cue triggering works.

When playing with Prime and hit a cue point the song will play to the upbeat and then skip to cuepoint, or if you are a bit to late it will play to the next beat and jump. So if you set your quantize to 4 beat and you just miss and hit it a tad late, it will continue 4 beats before jumping to cuepoint.

When doing this with Serato it will jump immediately. If you hit slightly before the upbeat, it will jump slightly ahed the cuepoint. if you hit it slightly after…it will jump slightly after. One of the reasons i like this is because i always set my cuepoint on the beat, but at some songs the vocal or other sounds will start slightly ahead of the beat. So hitting the cuepoint slightly ahead will catch up this.

I miss this too - on songs that come in on the half beat, I would set my cue at the start point, hit after the last beat before the new bar begins, and everything would align beautifully (shift - sync on the DDJ). Wish the SCs would work in a similar way.

Hi @Dj_Roger_E thanks for posting, this could make for a great feature request! If you haven’t checked it out, we have an awesome Feature Request section of our Forum where you can submit requests and get feedback on them. Members can even vote on the feature if they agree that it belongs on our gear! Check it out to see if a request like this has been made or submit a new one!