Cue marks omitted

I have recently imported my collection from Rekordbox to Engine Prime and would have expected for all of my cue points to be transferred along with the hotcues, loops, etc. But to my disappointment, they were not, which makes the years of track preparation on Rekordbox redundant.

I feel that using hot cues as visual markers for the changes/notable points in tracks is a waste for the creative DJ. I do not have the best of memories, so cue marking tracks ensures I can make a smooth transition.

I believe that this wouldn’t be a difficult item to implement to the software and would be a very useful addition.

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the Rekordbox import has improved in the latest update however not yet perfect.

I still use a convertion application to convert my data from RB to EP, RB is still the tool I use to set my cue’s loops etc.

Hi @JayCub, I can confirm that Engine Prime currently brings in the following:


I appreciate this current setting does not cover every use of the Rekordbox system but a choice had to be made which ones would get chosen as there were an option of 8 each HOTCUEs and 10 each of MEMORY and the Prime system has 8 for each HOTECUE and LOOP on the players.

We’d love to hear you’re thoughts on this in out new Feature request section:

Thanks J