Cue buttons rplace!

Hello denon fam! I have an issue with my “cue” knobs on my x1800. They kinda felt in, the work, but they don’t “click” when i push them and they work over time. So i have to force push on them. Where can i order new knobs? Same i have on sc5000 “cue” button must be replaced. Who can sell them to me? Local dealer eats my brain, so I prefer to do it by my self. BTW i have no warranty anymore.

Thank You

here is what I found but will tag @JWiLL and @Reese to see if Denon recommends another source…



I actually don’t know this. DenonDJ Global Support would be my first suggestion to get parts, but the link looks okay.

Ouch! Those are some crazy inflated prices.

$15 for an IEC cable? $11 for a single plastic knob?

I reckon they’re about 10x the price of what they should be.

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Thank you Shain, will check.

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